Full Score: PDF
Audio: Chaudron

Instrumentation: wind ensemble
Duration: 9:00
Year of Completion: 2004
Program Notes

Chaudron - the French word for "cauldron" - depicts a bubbling pot with an unknown potion brewing over an open fire. The first section portrays bubbles rising to the surface, slowly at first and then gradually leading to a frenzied boil. A lyrical middle section slowly stirs the pot with the solo woodwind lines echoed by the solo brass and then the full ensemble. The ominous bubbling motive soon returns and the piece reaches a climax at measure 230 with the pot tipping over and the potion spilling out onto the fire.

The piece is based on the symmetrical chord Bb Cb D F Gb, drawing most of the melodic and harmonic materials from this chord. Symmetrical rhythms are also found in many of the phrases, along with other materials and techniques available to a composer at the beginning of the 21st century.