Works For Young Band

The following works are written for young band, intended to be both educational and musically rewarding for the players. Full scores and MIDI realizations are available for perusal and the works are available for purchase from the composer.

Vampires In The Attic (Grade 3, 3:00) Full Score | MIDI Realization
Vampires in the Attic is a creepy and energetic work for young band that emphasizes musicality and ensemble playing with each instrument being an integral part of the work as a whole. The work begins with slow music that sets the creepy atmosphere as the dark recesses of the attic are explored, featuring solos by the flute and baritone. The trumpet section is featured in the fast music beginning at measure 16 as the vampires are chased around the attic, with a lyrical interlude played by the woodwinds at measure 22. The low winds are featured at measure 57 with a slower statement of the main melody before returning to the opening tempo. After the chase ends, the vampires return to their hiding spots as the opening material is revisited before the end of the work.

Full Moon (Grade 2, 2:30) Full Score | MIDI Realization
Full Moon sets a dark and mysterious mood where vampires and werewolves lurk in the shadows. Emphasizing smooth and lyrical playing, this piece helps instruct young players how to shape phrases and listen to how their part fits within the overall texture. The main melody first heard in the low winds eventually appears in every section of the band, and a loud climax in the middle of the piece is sure to send shivers down your spine. Beware the light of the full moon, as you never know what might be waiting around the next cornerÉ

Hour of the Wolf (Grade 3, 3:00) Full Score | MIDI Realization
In modern folklore the "hour of the wolf" occurs just before sunrise, at a time when you are most likely to meet any monsters lurking in the night. It is also related to the "witching hour" in Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, although with much more fatal connotations. The idea of imminent danger and sprinting for your life from an unseen horror was quite inspiring - and terrifying - when writing this work. The music is filled with an intensity and energy that does not dissipate. A subdued middle section featuring the low winds is the only respite from the constant beating and pulsing throughout the piece, which ends with a final, frantic bang. Make sure to lock your doors and windows tonight, because the hour of the wolf is fast approaching...

An Irish Legend (Grade 2, 2:15) Full Score | MIDI Realization
An Irish Legend uses the traditional Irish folk song "The Minstrel Boy" as the melodic material in the piece. The inspirational and emotional lyrics by Thomas Moore (1779-1852) portray the loss of several friends in the 1798 rebellion of the United Irishmen. One of the lasting messages of this song is freedom from slavery and tyranny - a powerful message that has touched many people fighting for their country. The sense of longing, loss, and triumph found in the lyrics is reflected in the somber and lyrical style of this setting for concert band.