Songs of Aeolus

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Audio excerpt: Aeolus Excerpt

Instrumentation: C trumpet, Bassoon, Piano
Duration: 12:35
Year of Completion: 2008
Program Notes

Songs of Aeolus is a tone poem depicting Aeolus - the Greek god of the wind - in two contrasting movements. The first movement opens with several solo trumpet cadenzas that provide the basic melodic and harmonic units for the work. Titled "Keeper of the Winds," the trio of instruments alternate phrases depicting the swirling winds conjured up by Aeolus. After a turbulent and dissonant middle section, the swirling motives briefly return before finally dissipating. "Melanippe's Dance" is a lively toccata for Aeolus's courtship of Melanippe, the centaur who bore him a daughter and was subsequently turned into the constellation Equus, the horse. Alternating between a brash fanfare and busy counterpoint, the movement captures the energy and spirit of Melanippe as Aeolus pursues her love.