Midnight in the Butterfly Garden, part two

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Audio: Midnight in the Butterfly Garden, pt2

Instrumentation: flute, double bass
Duration: 4:00
Year of Completion: 2008
Program Notes

This work came about with a set of two compositional restrictions for myself: write for an unusual ensemble, and finish the piece in one weekend. I immediately set upon flute and bass as the ensemble; the disparity between high and low in a duet seemed like a tough orchestration challenge that would also yield a pleasing result.

The title is derived from a message sent to my girlfriend (now wife!) that read: "I need a stupid-sounding title, something like Midnight in the Butterfly Garden and it is definitely going to have "part two" attached to it for no good reason." With such a silly backstory to the work it would be easy to dismiss the piece as a pastiche, but I feel that it comes across as a serious and interesting addition to the repertoire of both flutists and bass players alike.