Pan's Flute

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Mvt. 1 Mvt1
Mvt. 2 Mvt2
Mvt. 3 Mvt3

Instrumentation: flute, violin, guitar
Duration: 12:40
Year of Completion: 2008
Program Notes

Pan's Flute is a programmatic work depicting three tales of Pan, the Greek god of nature. Movement one begins with an extended flute cadenza as Pan creates his flute from the reeds of the transfigured nymph Syrinx. A turbulent middle section symbolizes the wind blowing through the reeds, eventually calming down before the movement comes to a close. "Apollo's Challenge" pits Pan and his flute against fellow god Apollo on his lyre in a test of musical skill. Duets between the flute and violin are tempered by the plaintive accompaniment of the guitar. The work comes to a close with a raucous asymmetrical tango as Pan chases the goddess Echo, who is torn to pieces and spread across the earth. With the tempo gradually increasing, Echo cannot escape the lecherous Pan and finally meets her fate with a stomping of feet and loud crash.