Full Score: PDF
Audio: Shimmer

Instrumentation: flute (dbl. alto flute), oboe, piano
Duration: 7:00
Year of Completion: 2010
Program Notes

Shimmer is a fast-paced work exploring instrumental colors and textures that reflect the essence of the title. Constant energy runs throughout the music, expressed through fluid textures and agile melodies. This energy is interrupted briefly in the middle of the work with a slower tempo, but is quickly renewed until finally ending with a stellar crash.

Three musical ideas make up the majority of the material in the work, with the spritely main theme introduced first by the oboe. An ominous motive in the low register of the piano is the second important melodic idea, while the contrasting slow section of the work contains the third idea, presented in the flute. This work is dedicated to my friends the Allegresse Trio - Annie Gnojek, Margaret Marco, and Ellen Bottorff.