Full Score: PDF
Audio excerpt: dustdevil

Instrumentation: 3(3: dbl picc.)233 4331 Timp+2 Str
Duration: 6:00
Year of Completion: 2005 / rev. 2008
Program Notes

dustdevil is a short musical whirlwind for orchestra, written in a rough A-B-A form. The swirling introduction provides the musical material for the rest of the work, as most of the harmonic and motivic gestures are derived from the first thirty-four bars of music.

The first half of the work develops two contrasting motives, both initially presented by the trumpet section. A lyrical middle section provides a brief respite from the rhythmic intensity of the first half, but eventually dissolves back into the opening material. A sense of tension and relaxation through consonance and dissonance resembles the cyclonic whirling of the dust cloud as it travels through the orchestra, finally erupting in a frenzied coda.